Senior Copywriter

We are seeking a Senior Copywriter here at The Zoz. You do not need to live in Boston as we are open to facilitating a remote working environment. From wherever you hail, you understand the weight and impact of quality writing. You are a conceptual marvel. You are almost uncomfortably passionate about words, writing, craft and creative. The only thing you write better than headlines are taglines. And long copy. Or short copy. Humor. Highbrow. Manifestos. You can write tech copy, deck copy, maybe even spec copy. (Because, you know, pitches.)

Not only do you conceptualize great work, write great work and execute great work, but, crucially, you are able to sell great work by playing a room not unlike Sinatra played the Copa.

If you are too young to understand that reference, it’s okay. We’re still interested provided the rest of the stuff describes you.

Please send us your portfolio and résumé. We want to see smart, provocative, beautiful, emotional and expertly written brand-building work.


Required Skills:

  • Ability to work with a creative team of art directors, designers and copywriters
  • You know how to make people laugh
  • Killing darlings
  • Understanding writing is re-writing
  • Hates screamers!
  • Great presentation skillzzz
  • Critical thinking and proactive problem-solving
  • Experience in branding
  • Great deck-writer/thinker/builder
  • Writes 100 to land on 1


  • 5+ years of top-notch copy writing in an agency setting
  • Experience writing websites
  • Experience on new business pitches
  • Ability to work on multiple pieces of business at once
  • Can work without a partner if required 

To apply send your cover letter and resume with the subject "Copywriter" to Stacy Walsh at