Zozimus offers free Google Ads and Facebook Ads audits

According to recent studies, up to 40% of all ad spending is wasted (source). Poor digital performance and inefficient spending comes from committing budget to the wrong strategies and channels. But which ones are the right ones? To determine if your existing campaigns are firing on all cylinders, we offer free audits of the Google and Facebook ads you have in market.

Google Ads Audit

Our Google ad audit will provide you with a detailed review of your ads’ performance, by focusing on:

  • Wasted spend
  • Quality scores
  • Click-through rates
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Impression shares
  • Mobile ad performance
  • PPC best practices
Facebook Ads Audit

A Facebook ad audit is a thorough evaluation of your current Facebook marketing efforts. We’ll provide you with:

  • Best (and worst) performing ads in your account
  • Where you’re wasting spend
  • Audiences you should be targeting
  • How you stack up against competitors in your industry
  • Best practice checks for your account

Now is not a time for guessing. Be certain that your campaigns are maximizing performance and minimizing wasted ad spend. The insights in our report will show you where you stand and position you to grow traffic, leads and revenue in the second half of the year.