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For-Profit College


Correct a reputation issue for a for-profit school and then increase lead volume and quality.


Previously known as The Academy of Health Care Professions, we wanted to create a new name that wasn’t too far off from the college’s ambitions, but different enough to separate any association with previous reputation issues. Introducing The College of Health Care Professions. This came along with a new logo and website, implemented with smart SEO tactics to remove all association with the term ‘Academy.’ We then needed to increase student enrollment both on campus and in online programs.


In order to overcome the challenge of paid digital lead quality and inflow, we looked at leads who had previously enrolled and created a model to target similar users. It considered the qualities of successful past campaigns as well as individual user characteristics, like geographic location and the time of day they interacted with our ads. By design, it would then adjust and re-target based on real-time ad performance data. This allowed us to continually point our campaign toward high-quality leads.