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Every performance marketing campaign that we run includes reporting, analytics and insights that tie the campaign to results. We aggregate data from multiple sources in order to develop a holistic view of marketing performance across all channels. Our team of data analysts develop a plan of action that align with business objectives and improve marketing performance.


We offer full integration of your advertising and analytics platforms, CRM and all other management tools/platforms into one custom built dashboard. Does your executive team need a different dashboard than your marketing team? We can develop dashboards so that everyone on your team can see how well each campaign is reporting.

In the example below, we integrated recurring purchase data from the client’s e-commerce platform plus all their digital channels to provide them with a holistic viewpoint of their performance.


One of the ways we use data analytics to improve business intelligence is by calculating monthly revenue by traffic source or channel.

We look at every marketing channel from a revenue perspective, and not a traffic perspective, we are able to identify what is driving revenue and what is not.


When a page ranks on the first page of Google, we calculate the expected amount of traffic that page is expected to get. We call it Expected Clicks per Position or ECP.

Using ECP, we determined that a client was losing 230,000 search engine visitors per month from their high value pages.

We used a monthly revenue by channel analysis to calculate the value ($2.64) of each organic visit. Combining that with the ECP, we could visualize the opportunity available ($628,000) to our client and make the necessary optimizations on their key pages.

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