At Zozimus Creative Services, our creative team is ready to take your brand and create together all your design and production needs to succeed in today’s competitive market landscape. Oh, and we make it fun while we create magic.

Creativity is the magical ingredient for dreams.

What is Branding?

The practice of Branding started in the 1500’s to distinguish one’s cattle from the neighbor’s cattle. The branding of cattle with your mark told the world that the cattle belong to you. The basic idea of branding has not changed in our modern digital world. In the crowded marketplace of similar products and offerings, how do you differentiate yourself from others? Good branding can make or break your business’ image. The world’s most successful brands spend millions of dollars to make sure their brand has the best curve appeal and visual integrity, as well as representation of who they are. Branding is the first impression you make to the world – it is what you tell the others what and who you are.

Creativity is the Magical Ingredient for Dreams

The word Zozimus as invented and defined by Roald Dahl, is the indescribable intangibles of magic. And as our guiding light, we believe creativity is the ingredient that makes your dream become a reality- it is where magic happens. Zozimus Creative Services bring world class creative direction in design and production for all your Omni-channel assets and beyond. Our award-winning creative team will make your business stand up, stand out and connect to your customers. Our branding capabilities will make your strategy come to life; we will turn your business logic into emotions. We put a face on your dream, visualize the brand, and create magic setting you up for success. We create with your team to make the first impressions of your company an everlasting story you can tell to turn your purpose and mission into stories that touch hearts and connect with your customers.

“Zozimus creative team listens to what you desire, then we research, analyze and provide the best possible solutions to make you stand out and succeed in the crowded marketplace.”

Collaboration is What We Do

At Zozimus, we listen and collaborate with our clients, instead of dictating direction. We bring no ego to the creative process, just collaboration. We bring decades of experience and best practices to create and deliver world class creative solutions to all your digital and traditional marketing + advertising needs. Our Zozimus creative team listens to what you desire, then we research, analyze and provide the best possible solutions to make you stand out and succeed in the crowded marketplace. From giving birth to your business name, to logo design, to website development, to delivering marketing + advertising asset creation, Zozimus creative services work together with you and your team to efficiently and effectively create and deliver memorable branding to your audience.

We Have Omni-Channel Covered

Zozimus creative services include Zozimus Design Services and Zozimus Production Services. Our award-winning Zozimus Design Services team provides Brand Identity and Naming, UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface), Website and Mobile Design & Development, Design Language System, Digital Brochures, Package Design, OOH Design, Print Design, Event & Experiential Production, and AR & VR for the Metaverse.

Zozimus Production Services provide full-service video production and post-production services that includes scripting, casting, directing, shooting, sound design, special effects and editing to tell your brand story. We apply our production capabilities to create your content to connect with your customers. You can tell your story through animation with explainer videos and other favored animation creative. Zozimus creative teams provide every aspect of the process. All you bring to us is your dream and we will bring the magic – fun is always included. Speaking of fun, throw a party for your audience with Zozimus Event & Experiential Production. Zozimus Public Relations team can organize and put together events or experiential production for your announcements, openings, conventions or celebrations. We got you covered. Let’s dream bigger, together.


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Case Studies

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At Zozimus, it’s important to us that we achieve great results, while still maintaining authenticity and thorough strategy for your brand. Our team is committed to working hard to make your dreams come true, while not taking ourselves too seriously in the process. We’re ready to dive into your next campaign together.