At Zozimus, we believe a great strategy will drive your company’s financial success for years, but it shouldn’t require a huge investment of money or time to create one.

“From end users, to investors, to boards, to employees, to influencers and other groups, a great strategy identifies which human needs and desires will help your business achieve success.”

Give your business an advantage

Great strategy is your foundation for success, and great strategies are what we produce. No matter the type of strategy, from business strategy to product strategy, to brand strategy, to creative strategy, to media strategy, to experience strategy and more, it requires a deep, objective understanding of the opportunity, a clear, actionable choice to achieve goals, and the discipline to stay the course.

Objectively Smart

At its core, strategy is a choice that reflects people, both individuals, and groups. From end-users, to investors, to boards, to employees, to influencers and other groups, a great strategy identifies which human needs and desires will help your business achieve success. How do people think and behave, and why? Which types of people are important to achieve business growth, and which are not? What cultural, societal, categorical, and technological forces are shaping their actions, views, and expectations? How can past and current purchase behaviors project into future consumption? Who should be purchasing your services, and what barriers must be removed? What messages and experiences will win in both subconscious and conscious thought and activities?

These are some of the critical questions we work to objectively answer for any type of assignment, from business planning to product extensions and/or culling, to advertising and marketing initiatives.

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We take strategy seriously.

Understand the real decision

Journey mapping (often called a purchase funnel) and customer experience (CX) are two of the most critical strategic initiatives. When done well, they outline the true decision process that people experience when engaging your category, your product and your brand – always a combination of emotional and rational, individual and shared – and highlight what’s working as well as opportunities to improve. Once armed with this intelligence you can create and align on SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timebound) for your marketing, advertising and services.

Despite their importance, journey mapping and CX are often thought of as stand-alone research and therefore sacrificed due to budget realities, time constraints, and/or a lack of appreciation for their value. However, journey mapping and customer experience don’t have to be separate initiatives. Zozimus often works to integrate journey mapping and customer experience research into other business and consumer intelligence initiatives, across our 3-2-1 data approach, employing the appropriate mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies and data. These outputs enable us to create efficient and effective tactics that address the most important barriers to growth.

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“A company, its products/services, and its brand are not interchangeable.”

Brands that work in service of business

A company, its products/services, and its brand are not interchangeable. Each has a role to play, and the totality gives these three pillars truth, aspiration and integration.

Most B2B and B2C companies are organizations powered by people that strive to generate profit by offering new or better services.

A company sells products and services to people/buyers (even B2B!).

A brand is the ownable idea and set of codes “surrounding” a company’s products and services that create differentiation and distinction in the market. Advertising and marketing can activate a brand’s sensory codes to accomplish business objectives. It is also a potent force to leverage for employee recruitment, retainment, and morale.

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“Arm yourself, your business, your services and your brand with a strategy that creates an advantage in the market.”

Strategies that create forward momentum

Whether you work with Zozimus to (re)define your brand, or you already have one established, the next initiative is often determining how best to accomplish your business goals via advertising, marketing, PR and other opportunities.

Depending on your corporate needs Zozimus will create either a broader Go to Market plan (GTM), or a more focused campaign plan.

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Create your advantage

A great strategy, no matter the type, has a 360-degree understanding of people with a focused application on driving results. In certain cases, strategies uncover an opportunity to evolve. Other cases highlight the need to resist the temptation to change and remain consistent. And sometimes a great strategy results in the recommendation to ignore the noise and do nothing at all.

Arm yourself, your business, your services and your brand with a strategy that creates an advantage in the market. Click on any of the tiles below to read how our partners have used great strategy to grow.

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At Zozimus, it’s important to us that we achieve great results, while still maintaining authenticity and thorough strategy for your brand. Our team is committed to working hard to make your dreams come true, while not taking ourselves too seriously in the process. We’re ready to dive into your next campaign together.