All our work at Zozimus is based on a deep belief in strategy, which is grounded by research. Everything we do starts from strategy. We strive to not only understand what is taking place, but why it is happening. Thus, we believe in thorough research to understand our clients and their offerings. Learning how to best position them in a crowded and hectic media market to most effectively break through the clutter and attract overage/attention.

Services Include:
  • Media Relations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Product & New Market
  • Venue Openings
  • Planning & strategy
  • Strategic writing
  • Crisis Capabilities
  • Executive Positioning & Media Training

It’s not as simple as, “I give you product, and you say nice things about my company.” It is a mutually beneficial, contracted business relationship with a significant upside, and potential pitfalls if you’re not familiar with the landscape. When executed properly, an influencer marketing campaign will clearly and authentically communicate a brand’s message to the influencer’s followers and fans. It takes time and trust, but once an influencer has built a network of passionate and like-minded people, authentic conversation flows effortlessly. It’s within these loyal and engaged communities where brands can work with influencers to amplify their message and entice their target audience.


Securing editorial media coverage can be a huge challenge. It’s about pinpointing that compelling idea or insight which will gain the attention of reporters and influencers looking to entice their readers and your target audience. In addition to gaining brand exposure, positive coverage in a key publication raises credibility, increases loyalty, and drives deeper engagement with your customers.


Conquering the fears of interviewing can be challenging, but do not fret, there are many other people who have similar anxieties about being interviewed. Interviewing is not an intrinsic quality that people are born with; most people have to sharpen this skill until they are comfortable with answering questions on a whim and thinking on their feet. Our media training sessions go in depth with understanding how to speak and convey your message clearly and concisely. We tailor each session to the individual we are working with covering all topics from crisis communications to public speaking. Our media training team features former media professionals who understand what reporters and influencers are looking for from interview subjects.


Zozimus takes a three-phase approach to any launch, whether it is a product, a property or a restaurant. We first meet with our clients to learn their goals and the audiences they are looking to reach. From there, we will put together a comprehensive strategic “go to market” plan that includes a pre-launch strategy and SEEDING with media and influencers that speak to your audience. We concept an experimental component that makes your product or venue stand out, then continue the momentum post-launch by utilizing our contacts and creating newsworthy pitch angles that will keep you at the top of your consumers’ minds.


Not long ago, having a crisis communication plan meant writing a press release and ensuring someone was available to speak with the media after an event occurred. Today, with the proliferation of communication channels, and the countless amounts of users empowered to disseminate information so easily and quickly, the complexity of controlling a crisis has intensified. A simple miscalculation of the public’s attitude towards an issue can spark a caustic controversy that, if mismanaged, can result in loss of profits, litigation or government intervention, job loss, decreased employee morale, reputation damage, or decreased trust in management. In a world where headlines can travel as far and fast as technology allows, proper risk assessment, pre-crisis planning, and monitoring public sentiment are critical to maintaining a strategic advantage.

Few circumstances
test a company’s
reputation or competency
as intensely as a crisis.

Public Relations is all about relationships

At Zozimus, our award-winning public relations team brings meaningful relationships both in Boston and nationally that help drive awareness for our clients’ brands and products. With staff in Boston and New York our teams specialize in product launches, thought leadership programs, venue openings, B2B campaigns, experiential events and influencer marketing.