At Zozimus, we believe that no brand can be an island. Great brands are integrated with, and in support of, a business.
“At its core strategy is a choice that reflects people, both individuals, and groups.”

Brands complement an organization and their service(s)

At its core, strategy is a choice that reflects people, both individuals, and groups. A company, its products/services, and its brand are not interchangeable. Each has a role to play, and the totality gives these three pillars truth, aspiration and integration.

Most B2B and B2C companies are organizations powered by people that strive to generate profit by offering new or better services.

A company sells products and services to people/buyers (even B2B!).

A brand is the ownable idea and set of codes “surrounding” a company’s products and services that create differentiation and distinction in the market. Advertising and marketing can activate a brand’s sensory codes to accomplish business objectives. It is also a potent force to leverage for employee recruitment, retainment, and morale.

Stated another way, your brand is all the sensory cues associated with your company and your service(s). From logo, to colors, to positioning and tagline, to jingle/audio, to tone of voice, to characters/celebrities, to packaging, to typeface and font, to customer service scripts, and more.

We take strategy seriously.

Brand positionings and brand architectures should be objective interpretations of data

Zozimus leverages a 3-2-1 data approach that ensures time is not spent re-creating available data, so that we spend time and resources collecting and analyzing everything available, and only complement with proprietary Consumer Insights, Research, Segmentation and Targeting when necessary.

  • We begin with 3rd party research and data to understand “the lay of the land” so that we can build off the existing foundation of knowledge and focus collective efforts on filling gaps and forming objective interpretations.
  • We then collect 2nd party research and data, which is any existing research already conducted by an organization (existing focus groups, ethnographies, survey and segmentation data), as well as employee stakeholder interviews. If possible, we also appreciate the opportunity to tour your office, plants, stores, etc. to see how your business, products and brands integrate with each other.
  • Finally, if necessary, we conduct 1st party research to fill in any knowledge gaps and ensure we have accounted for the needs, expectations and opinions of all your external and internal audiences. These can be comprised of consumers, investors, category thoughts leaders and influencers, and prospective employees.

We then use the 4Cs framework to ensure all the data is objectively analyzed. Specifically, we look for the key learning within:

  • Your Company (this accounts for your finances, history, ambitions and potential expansions and/or contractions)
  • Your Category (this accounts for direct competitors and peripheral alternatives to your services)
  • Your Consumer (this accounts for all external and internal audiences)
  • Your Culture (this accounts for the relevant macro movements in society that influence how people behave, think and feel that we want to draft off, or push against)

We then use these four key learnings as objective filters to determine your brand positioning and your brand architecture.

“What makes Zozimus unique is that we deliver an objective brand positioning and a holistic brand architecture of your business, your service(s), and your brand.”

Brand positioning

Brand Architecture

A brand’s architecture is the framework for the brand: its purpose, belief, story, ambition and behavior. It should be true, provocative, and unifying. It is clearly stated with space for imagination and magic. The entirety is heavy-handed, not each section.

What makes Zozimus unique is that we deliver an objective brand positioning and a holistic brand architecture of your business, your service(s), and your brand so all stakeholders can see how the three pillars complement one another and ensure everyone understands how the brand can aid business results. This approach has proven more effective than simply delivering a brand architecture alone, which is how most agencies operate.

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At Zozimus, it’s important to us that we achieve great results, while still maintaining authenticity and thorough strategy for your brand. Our team is committed to working hard to make your dreams come true, while not taking ourselves too seriously in the process. We’re ready to dive into your next campaign together.