Avidia Bank

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With plans to grow market share in Metro West and Central Massachusetts, Avidia bank needed to redefine its brand to stand apart from what is often seen as a drab, boring industry.


Research uncovered Avidia’s commitment to human relationships and honest, objective financial solutions had been disregarded by most banks, but was still coveted by retail and commercial clients.


We began with repositioning their brand around straightforward honesty and refreshing their visual brand to be distinctive, friendly and accessible to their market.


We executed a series of integrated campaigns utilizing two recurring animated characters across a broad variety of media such as paid digital, CTV/OTT, OOH, in-branch signage, branded products, and a new website.

Message objective: 

Redefine who Avidia is to their customers by launching the Honest to Goodness campaign. 

Campaign Goals

Raise awareness of Avidia Bank in specific markets  in Massachusetts.

Drive traffic to Avidiabank.com, where customers can learn more about the bank’s product offerings.


Commercial Banking Prospects

Consumer Banking Prospects

Campaign Targeting: Users In-Market For Financial Services

Users in-market for online banking had an impressive click through rate  of 2.31% and conversion rate of 2.60%, well beyond campaign averages and industry benchmarks.

Campaign Targeting: Users Interested in Consumer Banking

We targeted users with a series of ads, all featuring different product and service offering. What we found was that Unlimited messaging had the highest conversion rate across all ads.


Consumers respond best to a service-based value proposition and that promoting specific service offerings was a very effective marketing strategy.

Campaign Results
  • 4.1MM Impressions
  • 17K Clicks
  • 0.41% CTR
  • 400 Conversions
  • 2.35% CVR
Campaign Targeting: Commercial and Consumer Banking Prospects

We We targeted users with a series of branded ads and found that the  ‘Orange’ banking ad engagement exceeded all other messaging.

Users were curious enough about “the orange bank” to click through 23%-1180% more often than on other display ads.


Leverage the unexpected. Messaging doesn’t always have to be serious.

Business Audience
  • 3MM Impressions
  • 19.4K Clicks
  • 0.65% CTR
Consumer Audience
  • 1.6MM Impressions
  • 9.8K Clicks
  • 0.62% CTR
  • 131 Conversions
  • 1.34% CVR

We found that users searching for online banking had far higher likelihood of engagement and sign-up vs general banking services intent.


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