First Check


Stave off threats of distribution loss and grow sales.


Teens are at much higher risk of drug use during times of transition in their lives. These include physical transitions like puberty and social transitions like moving or going back to school.


Call attention to the back to school transitional period to raise awareness of potential drug use and create a safer environment for at-home testing.

Mounting a true omni-channel campaign, we coordinated multiple channels across earned, paid, shared and owned media so that they amplified each other and drew audience groups deeper into the First Check narrative.


“Know For Sure.” Parents like to think and hope their kids don’t use drugs. But there’s only one way to know for sure. First Check. This was our platform for launch which pivoted into the conversation aspect that First Check can be used as either a conversation piece between parents and kids or a ‘way out’ when kids are in a troubling situation/peer pressure. Along with the ads we pitched media outlets and utilized experiential opportunities to leverage this message, including being picked up by Today Show: Rossen Reports.

We placed First Check in a segment on the Today Show, a national US morning show with approximately 4MM daily viewers, which drove explosive search traffic on the First Check product and related search terms. Anticipating the heavy search volume, we cast a wide net of channels including paid search, optimized organic content, social media, partner organizations, and google questions to capture that search traffic and funnel it through to the First Check website.


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