Massachusetts Maritime Academy


Cultivate an interest in the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) from prospective students and their parents to bolster overall application rates while fostering meaningful connections with current students, their relatives, and alums.


Position MMA as a University that develops first-class leaders on both sea and land, offering cadets a high-quality education with a great return on their investment.


Zozimus created content for the Academy’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, focusing on sharing cadet milestones, campus activities, career stories, and hands-on learning experiences. 

Following trends that we were seeing across Higher Ed, Zozimus recommended that the Academy increase its video content – both pre-recorded and live video. 

Zozimus met with cadets to brainstorm and plan cadet Instagram Stories takeovers, educate them on social media best practices, and supervise them during the takeover. 

In addition to providing social media strategy and content services, Zozimus provided dedicated community management for MMA’s three social media channels. We monitored and responded to an average of 12 messages per day while looking for opportunities for user-generated content (UGC) or new content ideas for our content strategy.

Results across all social media in 2022 compared to 2021 include:

  • 17M impressions (7.6% increase YoY)
  • 536k video views (61% increase YoY)
  • 32k post link clicks (3% increase YoY)
  • 2.8k net audience growth (116% increase YoY)
Execution – Facebook

We employed a mix of text prompts to spark conversation, live video, photography, graphics, press shares, and a boosted post strategy to maximize reach and engagement with their Facebook community.

Execution – Instagram

Engaging photos and videos of campus life and cadets garnered an enthusiastic response from the Instagram audience. We used Instagram stories to share UGC and content from other MMA social channels and interactive stickers to increase engagement and responses from the current students and prospective student audience. 


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