NxStage—a pioneering provider of Home Hemodialysis therapies—was facing a year of disappointing performance and had an acute need for improved lead flow and lead quality. Additionally, they sought improvement in the content creation process for social and paid ads—a major pain point over the prior 12 months. They selected Zozimus to get them back on an upward trajectory.


We grounded our approach in the belief that great strategy creates an unfair business advantage. For NxStage, we began with mapping the education and decision journeys for Health Care Professionals (HCPs). This provided new-found insights into Category Entry Points (CEPs)—a collection of experiences and triggers that help audiences think about an offering contextually. We then planned highly relevant and targeted social media and paid media based on these insights to generate efficient and effective awareness for NxStage’s value proposition.


Based on learnings from our strategy work, we implemented paid media and social media campaigns designed to work in concert to further enhance efficiency, drive quality lead flow and further market expansion.

Social Media

We performed a comprehensive audit of NxStage’s prior social media campaigns to identify areas of opportunity and market positioning. Following that audit, we:

  • Developed distinct, customized strategies for NxStage’s patient and HCP audiences with customized content pillars, leading to calibrated content across four social media channels
  • Set up a sophisticated analytics platform for scheduling content and data analytics, allowing us to make informed and timely changes to social content
  • Updated the look and feel of social media templates to be more inspirational and visually appealing, allowing NxStage to better connect with audiences
  • Worked closely with regulatory to ensure social media content remains in compliance without becoming a bottleneck to implementation


Paid Media

We began by revamping their existing paid media campaigns to bring them up to best practice standards. Once a strong foundation was set, we diversified the search strategy beyond transactional queries to better align with the needs of prospective patients throughout their treatment journey. Whether it was a newly diagnosed patient looking for information, someone researching dialysis or treatment-related travel, through to the search for alternative solutions, we built campaigns to meet them at every stage of their journey.

This truly patient-centric approach has allowed us to better serve these patients’ needs by connecting them and their HCPs with the quality of life NxStage is able to provide. Additionally, it further builds the existing market for NxStage by educating the market about the personal and clinical benefits of Home Hemodialysis.

 Campaign Results


75% increase in leads at a 36% lower cost per lead QoQ. This translated into a 75% reduction in cost per new patient lead vs the previous campaigns.

Social Media:

In the first 3 months of doing full production and management for our client’s social media accounts, we saw an almost 85% increase in impressions and over 130% increase in engagements. Video views were up 168% and their average engagement rate (per impression) across platforms was increased to almost 5%.


At Zozimus, it’s important to us that we achieve great results, while still maintaining authenticity and thorough strategy for your brand. Our team is committed to working hard to make your dreams come true, while not taking ourselves too seriously in the process. We’re ready to dive into your next campaign together.