The Zozimus Approach: Public Relations

What is the best way to get that story out there? Our Public Relations team is made up of storytellers, with the goal of getting your stories and brand messaging in front of your desired audience. Our PR strategy sets us apart in the industry and leads to results, time after time. Here is the Zozimus Approach.

PR Methodology

At Zozimus, all our work is based on a deep belief in strategy, which is grounded by research. Everything we do starts from that point. We strive to not only understand what is taking place and what people are talking about, but why it is happening. We dig in to understand each client’s mission, market and how to best position it in a crowded and hectic media landscape and break through the clutter to attract coverage.  

Our Public Relations team will bring deep experience and relationships in local, national and industry-specific markets. We routinely secure meaningful coverage in a variety of spheres according to what our clients need and aspire to. 

From a process standpoint, we typically begin PR engagements with a strategic 6-month PR plan as well as a pitch playbook to help define long and short term goals and set a pathway to sustained interest in long-lead “holy grail” stories. We then layer on plans for interim coverage via proactive media relations and other tactics to build momentum. This is all knitted together with well-calibrated, consistent storytelling to bring the true story of a brand to its audience. We build on that story, we measure, and we iterate to continually build and improve your presence and coverage.

Public Relations Strategy

Press Kit: Zozimus will compile or enhance press kits for your brand – including an organization overview, areas of expertise, fact sheet, bios, headshots, and photography.

Storyline Development/Pitch Library: Zozimus will work with your team to develop an ongoing pitch pipeline of newsworthy story angles. Zozimus will develop a list of key campaign components and storylines based on an exploration meeting. Ongoing ideation meetings will allow us to evolve and grow our evergreen pitch library and help develop new trend pieces and uncover additional story angles and press opportunities.

Strategic Partnerships: Zozimus will identify and leverage relevant strategic partners for potential activations and press-worthy events and collaborations for your brand.

Targeted Media Introductions: Zozimus will work with our vast network of media contacts that span local, regional and national publications to ensure ongoing coverage. We will introduce your leadership team to key editors, producers, reporters, and influencers to form long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. 

Thought Leadership: Zozimus will work with your brand to identify a Thought Leadership bench to offer up for speaking engagements, bylined articles and expert commentary in their specific areas of expertise.

Events: Zozimus will work with your team to conceptualize and support promotional ideas and initiatives.

Awards: Zozimus will identify and submit industry, business and philanthropic award nominations.

Digitally Integrated Public Relations

Not all public relations agencies are created equal. in 2004, Zozimus was forged in digital marketing. It’s in our DNA. As such, all our public relations campaigns are digitally integrated. Whether we’re directly managing a client’s digital marketing efforts or not, everything our PR team does is done so with digital integration in mind. 

Influencer Relations

All our PR campaigns include Influencer Relations. We will identify and engage with influencers that align well with your brand and your customers. The level of influence and reach of each of these influencers will vary. Some could simply have a large following on a Tik Tok page, while others are bonafide celebrities. The Zozimus team will identify a range of influencers that will have a positive impact on your business, engage with these influencers on your behalf, negotiate the terms of the engagement, and then present them to you with our recommendations. 

Digital Strategic Counsel 

At least once per month, at no additional charge, a senior leader of the Zozimus digital team will look at everything that you’re doing internally (social media, paid media, etc.) and give guidance on how you can enhance those efforts, where to add value and how to best leverage positive media coverage and appearances. For example, if you’re booked for an appearance on The Tonight Show, we will bring our EVP of Digital in to help you build a digital strategy that supports the appearance and allows you to extend the reach and value through digital channels.

Campaign Management & Reporting

Success can mean different things to different clients, with impressions still leading the way as the standard in measurement in PR. 

We look at all goals and challenges with a strategic eye before building any campaign, and measure success by how closely we map to those goals. Markers and deliverables that impact the success of the PR campaign and the business goals of our clients include: clear and efficient communication with our day to day contact, collaborative PR planning, attention to detail and ability to meet lead times.

Campaign reporting includes:

  • All secured media clips
  • Impressions and publicity value 
  • Breakdown of budget
  • Mapping toward agreed upon goals and KPIs

Interested in growing your brand with our Public Relations strategies? Reach out to us below! Let’s make your brand’s dreams come true.


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At Zozimus, it’s important to us that we achieve great results, while still maintaining authenticity and thorough strategy for your brand. Our team is committed to working hard to make your dreams come true, while not taking ourselves too seriously in the process. We’re ready to dive into your next campaign together.