Insulet—makers of the Omnipod Insulin Management System for diabetes patients—faced increased competition in the marketplace, causing their cost per lead (CPL) to skyrocket while conversions and lead quality were trending down. They were hitting a ceiling on growth despite significant traditional and digital media spends. They needed new ways to grow market share more efficiently.



To begin with, we drew on data they had—including existing market research—but strengthened it with a deep exploration and analysis of over two years’ worth of their HIPAA-compliant CRM data. That allowed us to develop additional insights, pinpointing their highest quality lead types and sources, conversion metrics, buying behaviors and messaging approaches. Most importantly, that analysis allowed us to build a more insightful patient journey from discovery to engagement to adoption.



We executed on our findings by first optimizing their digital spends at the bottom of the sales funnel to be more targeted toward the search queries that mattered in their audience’s newly clarified buyer journey. This quickly brought significant efficiencies and ROI to their lower-funnel campaigns. This step alone already paid for the cost of the campaign several times over. But we weren’t done.

Next, by segmenting in-market data from the now-optimized ads we could further inform campaign performance on an ongoing basis. We expanded digital campaigns and introduced social media and a coordinated public relations campaign into the mix to support mid- and upper-funnel awareness. This made it much easier to target high quality leads with engaging digital and social content and drive them to take action.

Building on campaign successes, our next step was to further hone upper-funnel activity, efficiently expanding highly targeted market awareness among key audience sets. We did this by geofencing endocrinologists’ offices, allowing us to anonymously identify likely potential patients and target them with action-oriented Omnipod messaging. Concurrently, we targeted Health Care Professionals (HCPs) in the same locations with different messaging sets to help facilitate doctor/patient conversations.


Campaign Results

The campaign resulted in a 20% increase in site-wide lead conversions and a whopping 30% reduction in cost per lead (CPL), providing a very strong multiple ROI. This was supported by increased awareness metrics such as a 300%+ increase in website traffic and a 17%+ increase in branded search volume.

Additionally, our PR team built a pipeline of long-term category and brand awareness by securing multiple positive stories about Omnipod in relevant, top-tier, national, consumer and trade publications such as PC Magazine, FierceBiotrch, HealthLine, Diabetes Daily, and U.S. News & World Report.


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