PROCEPT BioRobotics—a publicly traded medical device company—provides a minimally invasive technology for the surgical treatment of prostate disease called Aquablation.

In building and educating their patient and Health Care Provider (HCP) market, PROCEPT needed help with:

  • Driving educational awareness & traffic to in 30 distinct opportunity markets among potential patients
  • Providing greater visibility, traffic and engagement on the PROCEPT BioRobotics corporate site, relevant advertising channels & social media channels


To create an unfair advantage for PROCEPT, we built a sophisticated strategy around search engine optimization (SEO), paid media and social media initiatives. The goal was to thoughtfully reach potential patients and their partners while also engaging with urologists and thought leaders in men’s health. Clarifying and navigating their complex decision journeys played a key role in assembling an effective approach.

We planned website content, social media content and paid media advertisements, calibrated for both the patient/partner and HCP audiences across platforms. Creative was informed by Category Entry Points (CEPs) to position Aquablation’s value in context for patients and HCPs.


Putting the strategy into action, we launched coordinated SEO, Social Media and Paid Media initiatives to efficiently provide market education and expansion as well as brand awareness for PROCEPT and Aquablation.

Social Media
Seizing on opportunities to rapidly expand reach, we focused on building engagement and awareness with the target audiences across a range of targeted social media channels. The plan aimed to:

  • Foster awareness of the Procept and Aquablation brands on their respective social media channels
  • Share timely and relevant content that resonates with their unique audiences, encouraging patients to seek out information about the treatment and surgeons/HCPs to advocate for the treatment in their hospitals
  • Increase relevant followers across platforms, generate engagement, and funnel social media traffic to the websites


We conducted a technical SEO audit on both the PROCEPT Corporate and Aquablation websites, identifying fundamental issues that were preventing Google from properly crawling, indexing and ranking their content.

Once these foundational issues were fixed, we pursued a forward-thinking keyword and content strategy for both sites that produced an almost immediate increase in organic traffic from patients looking for BPH relief.

Paid Media
On the paid media side of the initiative, we launched and ran a campaign featuring the minimally invasive nature of the procedure and the renewed quality of life it provided to patients post-procedure.

We used this creative approach to drive high value actions through an awareness style cross-channel campaign. This approach provided the campaign the benefit of real-time, in-market mass awareness of our targets that could continually inform further ad creative and optimization. This led to driving incredible engagement rates and quantifiable interest in the form of patients actively searching for providers near them as well as reaching out directly to PROCEPT for further information.

Campaign Results

Paid Media
Ad engagement and conversion rates have ranged from 2-4X benchmark by platform and industry. We have succeeded in growing the volume of highly engaged visitors by 3-6X while reducing acquisition cost by 70-85% in the same timeframe. Current acquisition costs continue to outperform targeted benchmarks by 70-80%.

Organic Traffic attributed to SEO is up 227% YoY while Organic Conversions are up an astounding 741% YoY (4,169 vs 496). Organic search impressions increased by 100,000 YoY.

Social Media
LinkedIn: On PROCEPT’s LinkedIn page, we focused on sharing corporate/IPO-related content, industry news, and specific product demos with their mixed network of healthcare professionals and employees. We opted for a mix of product videos, photo and video-based patient testimonials, and data-driven stats to best engage with this audience.

Average engagement on LinkedIn is now up to 1.3%, almost 4x the 0.35% average engagement rate for the healthcare industry

Facebook: To build up the Aquablation Facebook presence from a very limited audience, we employed a mix of organic content and boosted posts to gain followers and educate patients about the treatment. We focused on patient stories on Facebook with quote graphics and video content, while also sharing prostate-related tips for leading a healthier life.

Average engagement on Facebook is now up to 3.9%, almost 200x the 0.02% average engagement rate for the healthcare industry

Twitter: Across two Twitter accounts (PROCEPT and Aquablation), we diversified the content for patient and HCP-focused audiences. We shared news articles, case milestone posts and other content celebrating the doctors and hospitals using Aquablation. Formats included patient stories in video, photo, and text graphic formats.

Average engagement on Twitter is now up to 3.7% across both accounts, more than 100x the 0.03% average engagement rate for the healthcare industry


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