Wagz, a connected pet lifestyle company that offers innovative, humane smart dog products, had launched a smart dog collar in 2020 that had some technical issues. Ahead of the relaunch of their new product they wanted to become a trusted resource for pet parents and rebuild their community.


In parallel to immediately launching evolved social, we conducted an online survey to determine the right audience for Wagz to grow their brand within an emerging category of pet tech. We identified the characteristics of pet parents, dogs, the most appealing features of the smart collar, the optimal positioning and pricing options


The Zozimus social media team developed a social strategy that focused on the empowerment of pet parents through a completely connected pet lifestyle. Wagz social media content highlighted this lifestyle and showcased how the Wagz product solves pet parents’ most common problems, positioning Wagz as a premium brand.

To help rebuild Wagz rebuild and regain the trust of the pet community, the Zozimus social team developed a community management playbook that allowed Wagz to confidently handle any question that customers, or potential customers asked on social media. In addition to the playbook, we developed escalation procedures and built specific community management reports.


Some of the results included:

  • Identifying and market-testing ideal content types for each platform and Wagz’s unique audience
  • Consulting on social media templates to keep content consistent with the brand
  • Increasing Facebook reach by 77% and engagement by 340%
  • Prioritizing video content, leading to 96k video views over a 6-month period
Tactics: Facebook

We employed a mix of text/photo graphics, pull quotes with social proof, engaging video, and article shares to maximize reach and engagement with their Facebook community.

Tactics: Instagram

We employed a mix of text/photo graphics, social media contests, engaging video, and branded Instagram Story highlights to grow and engage with the Wagz audience on Instagram.


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