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Is 2022 The Year You Move Your Traditional TV Advertising Dollars To Connected TV?

TV Is Amazing For Branding. There are few branding opportunities like TV: a family gathered about the living room, watching their favorite show, attention focused on the screen. A commercial break comes on and you deliver the perfect brand message in all its audio visual glory to your rapt audience. OK, maybe between second screening,

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How We Turned Pet Stores Into Must Visit Locations For Pet Owners

How did we do it? With the largest coordinated store opening launch in pet history. Our client, Independent Pet Partners (IPP), had just acquired six, well-known independent pet retailers on the East Coast and were combining them under one new brand called, Loyal Companion. They needed our help to drive in-store traffic and brand lift

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Showing Empathy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Should my brand be on social media right now? Is it appropriate for our brand to be actively tweeting, snapping and sharing content on social media while the world is amid a global pandemic? These questions are being asked by marketing teams across the globe. Now is the time when a well thought out social

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Is 2022 The Year You Move Your Traditional TV Advertising Dollars To Connected TV?

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