When you work with Zozimus, the act of planning is even more valuable as marketplaces demand greater fluidity. Aligning on what to and what not to pursue will allow you to move forward while the competition stalls.

Strategies that create forward momentum

Whether you work with Zozimus to (re)define your brand, or it is already established, the next initiative is often determining how best to accomplish your business goals via advertising, marketing, PR and other opportunities.

Depending on your corporate needs Zozimus will create either a broader Go to Market plan (GTM), or a more focused campaign plan.

We take strategy seriously.

“Results are now measured so often, and the advertising and marketing landscape continues to shift and fragment, that a 12-month plan is becoming the longest timeline we prefer to recommend.”

GMT Plan vs. Campaign Plan

Campaign planning is part of a larger GTM exercise, so the outputs in a campaign strategy will often be the same as some of the outputs in the GTM exercise. The difference is the breadth of the exercise based on what is most beneficial to your business.

A GTM plan is organized around the classic 4Ps: Price, Product, Place (distribution) and Promotion

  • Price: What is your price elasticity and what impact does that have on sales and revenue?
  • Product: What evolutions will continue to drive sales amidst the competition, and what opportunities does your company and brand provide for expansion (and possibly contraction)?
  • Place (distribution): What are possible channels (physical and digital) to sell your service(s) and meet sales goals? What are new channels to test into?
  • Promotion: What are the advertising, marketing and PR platforms and tactics that will meet your business goals and marketing objectives? This includes the idea, and production and media costs.
  • Campaign planning is focused on the Promotion “P” and does not include thinking for Price, Product and Place.

The biggest influence in either GMT or campaign planning is how your organization directs us to consider your budget. Some of our partners have very defined budgets and only want ideas and tactics that fit within a defined scope (this scope can already be established prior to working with Zozimus, or we may help you determine the level of investment to accomplish your objectives). Other partners ask us to “dream big” and come back with our best thinking without worrying about budget (we then take selected ideas and do our best to make them work within a real budget). Both approaches result in ideas that will drive your business.

“Zozimus also takes great care to ensure each creative brief is strategically sound, and specifically outlines all requirements so they can be considered at the onset, not only after the first review.”

Creative Brief

The development of a creative brief is almost always paired with either GTM or campaign planning. This document reflects the most important business, service, brand and consumer information in a format that is both easy to comprehend and quick to inspire. However, it is critical to remember that this document, while shared and approved by our partners, is written for the agency to stimulate our best thinking.

While many agencies are only concerned with the most potent consumer insight and idea to communicate, Zozimus also takes great care to ensure each creative brief is strategically sound, and specifically outlines all requirements so they can be considered at the onset, not only after the first review. This often saves time and budget in the long run.

When a creative brief is approved by all stakeholders it sets expectations upfront and also serves as a powerful and objective filter to review work. This allows for the right types of conversation when reviewing the work; by removing worries if ideas are strategically correct, our client partners only must focus on if an idea resonates.

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At Zozimus, it’s important to us that we achieve great results, while still maintaining authenticity and thorough strategy for your brand. Our team is committed to working hard to make your dreams come true, while not taking ourselves too seriously in the process. We’re ready to dive into your next campaign together.