Our Approach

We enact an eleven-step approach to PPC Marketing.

• Front end tracking implementation: i.e. on-site analytics, tracking and conversion code implementation, remarketing pixels etc.

• Back end tracking and integration: i.e. CRM integration, offline lead and sales tracking and data integration

• Account build and set up for advertising platforms outlined in media plan

• Launch Preparation – messaging, targeting, landing pages etc.

• At launch, Zozimus will monitor closely for the first 24 hours for QA across all platforms to determine efficacy of set up and confirmation of tracking

• Ongoing campaign monitoring, testing and troubleshooting (tracking, billing, etc.), daily spend pacing and optimizations

• Reviewing all queries that trigger ads and adding to campaigns, or negating as needed to continue optimal performance

• Review of all current ads and targeting in market for any needed adjustments or changes to current strategy

• Review of bids and keyword performance trends, determining new bid strategies for testing or adjusting current strategies (if needed)

• Review of performance trends across the platforms (social, search, display etc.) and determining any needed strategic changes to media mix or budget allocation

• Perform ongoing testing to optimize performance including but not limited to: messaging, targeting / audience segments, creative (images, etc.), calls to action, offers, and landing pages

• Monthly Report: Performance overview with analysis of trending, performance, and recommendations for next month, with focus on KPIs