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A high-performing paid search marketing strategy is essential for a strong, integrated marketing campaign. As the online search environment becomes increasingly competitive, rankings and real estate gained through a well-planned paid search program are key to a strong online presence.

The search experts at Zozimus understand the vital role that paid search, including pay-per-click (PPC) ads play in a successful search engine marketing strategy.

Our PPC services include keyword research and selection to ensure that your campaigns are leveraging the most relevant and sought-out content, and creative development to assure customized and innovative writing to help maximize click-through and conversion rates.

We identify the best existing destination or recommend improvements to facilitate site level conversion and will implement tracking codes to aid in analyzing conversions from your PPC.

We will update, manage and analyze all PPC activity. Based on these findings, we make improvements and provide a monthly review and analysis of a search engine optimization ranking report.

Because successful PPC advertising and bid management require daily adjustments, the search marketing professionals at Zozimus will assess your company’s needs and continually monitor the bidding process and placement of keywords to ensure optimal results.


We enact an eleven-step approach to PPC Marketing.

  • Front end tracking implementation: i.e. on-site analytics, tracking and conversion code implementation, remarketing pixels etc.
  • Back end tracking and integration: i.e. CRM integration, offline lead and sales tracking and data integration
  • Account build and set up for advertising platforms outlined in media plan
  • Launch Preparation – messaging, targeting, landing pages etc.
  • At launch, Zozimus will monitor closely for the first 24 hours for QA across all platforms to determine efficacy of set up and confirmation of tracking
  • Ongoing campaign monitoring, testing and troubleshooting (tracking, billing, etc.), daily spend pacing and optimizations
  • Reviewing all queries that trigger ads and adding to campaigns, or negating as needed to continue optimal performance
  • Review of all current ads and targeting in market for any needed adjustments or changes to current strategy
  • Review of bids and keyword performance trends, determining new bid strategies for testing or adjusting current strategies (if needed)
  • Review of performance trends across the platforms (social, search, display etc.) and determining any needed strategic changes to media mix or budget allocation
  • Perform ongoing testing to optimize performance including but not limited to: messaging, targeting / audience segments, creative (images, etc.), calls to action, offers, and landing pages
  • Monthly Report: Performance overview with analysis of trending, performance, and recommendations for next month, with focus on KPIs


How Does PPC Integrate with Other Digital Marketing Efforts?

One of our most successful engagements was with First Trust, a campaign that used paid search, social media and public relations (case study is here). We coordinated multiple campaigns across earned, paid, shared and owned media so that they amplified each other and drew audience groups deeper into the First Check narrative.

We placed First Check in a segment on the Today Show, a national US morning show with approximately 4MM daily viewers, which drove explosive search traffic on the First Check product and related search terms. Anticipating the heavy search volume, we cast a wide net of channels including paid search, optimized organic content, social media, partner organizations, and google questions to capture that search traffic and funnel it through to the First Check website.


  • Tracking and pixel implementation
  • Back end tracking and integration with CMS
  • Keyword research
  • Ad development
  • Bid management
  • Ongoing test and optimization
  • Monthly reporting

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