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SEO is the foundational base of any digital marketing campaign. The latest data from SparkToro, shows that searchers are 12x more likely to click on an organic listing than a paid one.

The higher your site ranks and the more visible it is in search engine results, the more traffic your site will receive. We work to ensure your websites achieve top rankings in search engine result pages.

We make sure your website is there when and where customers are already looking for information. We have the experience and skill to optimize your website, drive qualified leads, and increase sales using SEO.

Visibility in online searches is vital to enhancing your brand’s influence among your target audience. Does your product marketing strategy rely on brand visibility? If so, then SEO should be an integral part of that brand development strategy. For example, we worked with company in the pet space, who had multiple brands and retail stores across the country. The cornerstone of their SEO strategy was to make sure that when a pet owner was making pet related searches near them that the various brands were highly ranked for those searches. The result was a 10X ROI on in-store sales!


At Zozimus, we ensure that all of our SEO clients get the most out of their websites. Achieving full visibility and relevance in online search requires a fully customized search marketing strategy to fit the unique needs of your business. Our team of SEO specialists provides helpful action steps and monitors your performance throughout our relationship.

At Zozimus, we believe strong SEO starts by providing a customized technical audit and baseline report. Zozimus uses a proprietary crawling technology to crawl through your website looking for technical issues that could inhibit ranking, crawling or indexing of your website.

To complement the technical audit, we utilize a variety of tools to analyze what tactics your competitors use to improve their positioning online and what are the most valuable keywords that they are targeting.

Building on the work in the competitive audit, we move into a content audit. A content audit is the cornerstone of content strategy, which governs content marketing. A content audit can help you understand which content prompts people to engage with your brand, which content leads them to buy or donate, which content keeps them loyal – in short, which content is performing well (and which isn’t).

These three audits allow us to develop a roadmap for success for our clients.


Our most successful SEO engagements are ones where SEO is part of an overall marketing campaign. For example we worked with a for-profit school in Texas (case study here). They engaged us for both paid search and SEO. Working together, the SEO and PPC teams uncovered high converting paid keyword and then developed a content plan to rank for those keywords through organic search. The result was an unprecedented 10% on leads YoY and an eight-figure jump in revenue.


  • Technical Website Audit
  • Page Speed Analysis
  • Content Audit
  • Competitor Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Development
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Google My Business Management
  • Local SEO Services
  • Link Building

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