5 Songs to Get You in the PR Groove

5 Songs to Get You in the PR Groove

Working at a public relations firm can often be hectic. From working on multiple client accounts to pitching multiple stories to the media, a PR professional is expected to wear many hats. Here are a few songs to keep you pumped up and motivated throughout the workday:

“Happy” by Pharrell

Start off the day with a positive and upbeat song.  “Happy” is sure to leave you in a better mood and ready to take on your work.
An essential skill for succeeding in PR is the ability to work on teams.  Often, several professionals will work together on multiple client accounts.  Encourage teamwork and collaboration by playing “Team” during your next meeting.

“Brave” by Sara Bareilles

PR professionals are expected to pitch to potential clients and give presentations to current clients.  While public speaking can be stressful, “Brave” will give you the confidence to perform your best and leave a lasting impression.

“Story Of My Life” by One Direction

Another important aspect of working in public relations is having a positive online presence.  Get inspired to build your own brand on social media while listening to “Story of my Life.”

“The Man” by Aloe Blacc

At the end of the day, confidence is key to succeeding in any career.  Next time you are feeling stressed or just need a boost, play “The Man” to remind you of your potential. What songs get you going throughout the workday?   *Written by Consumer Public Relations intern Natalie Cricenti, Communication and Public Relations major at Boston University (class of 2015)  


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