5 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month

At Zozimus, it’s part of our ethos to celebrate diversity and treat all with kindness and respect, while advocating for causes that are important to us. This month for Pride Month, we’ve compiled a list of ideas for how your brand can shine a spotlight on supporting LGBTQ+ individuals and causes this month, and all year long. Let’s get started.

Support LGBTQ+ Owned & Friendly Businesses

In recent years, the support of small businesses has increased as customers lean away from mega-conglomerates and focus on small, local businesses. For small businesses owned by the LGBTQ+ community, creating buzz and support can be a daunting task, with increased adversity and discrimination, ultimately affecting their sales and livelihood.

In an effort to support these small businesses, try partnering with a local LGBTQ+ business owner and shining a spotlight on your social account. By partnering with your local LGBTQ+ businesses during Pride Month and beyond, your brand can demonstrate how you support your local LGBTQ+ community. Something as simple as shining a spotlight on your social media channels during this month of acknowledgement is a great way to show your support. This effort not only assists these businesses with sales, but also helps to show that your brand is aligned and committed to making historically underrepresented communities such as the LGBTQ+ feel seen, supported, and heard.

Share LGBTQ+ Literature

Similarly to supporting local LGBTQ+ owned and friendly businesses, consuming LGBTQ+ literature helps marginalized authors be supported, and allows their voices (and words) to be heard. There is a plethora of influential LGBTQ+ authors to pull from, including James Baldwin, Hannah Gadsby, and Casey McQuinton of the recently popular New York Times Bestseller “Red, White & Royal Blue”

Celebrate LGBTQ+ authors through your social channels by sharing your internal team’s favorite reads. Additionally, ask your fans on social for their recommendations and repost to stories, or create social squares. Don’t forget to tag the authors on social to help bring exposure to their literature!

Donate to LGBTQ+ Causes

One of the best ways to raise awareness and support for organizations that work toward bettering the lives of those that belong to the LGBTQ+ community, is directly partnering or donating to non-profits. There are numerous non-profit organizations that promote acceptance and assistance to those in the LGBTQ+ community.

A non-profit to consider supporting is The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is an essential non-profit in the LGBTQ+ community that focuses on suicide prevention and building an inclusive community for LGBTQ+ persons. Consider making a contribution or shedding a spotlight on a non-profit that aligns with your brand ethos. Your support helps these non-profits better serve their communities and create space for those in need.

Participate in LGBTQ+ Pride Month Celebrations

During Pride Month, one of the strongest ways your brand can align with the LGBTQ+ community in a positive way, is enforcing your allyship. There are a variety of ways brands can show their allyship, one of which is attending Pride Month celebrations. Outside of your local Pride parade, consider attending online talks, or virtual book readings.

For virtual and in-person teams alike, consider selecting a few virtual events for your team to participate in. Share with your fans on social to watch along with your team and share your thoughts and response to the content you’ve seen. Be sure to include the viewing link for easy participation on your social channels.

Continuing the Conversation

It is essential to continue to demonstrate your commitment to furthering the LGBTQ+ community beyond the month of June. Only showing your support during Pride Month simply is not enough. This type of long-term support and acknowledgement will prove that you, your brand, and your company are aligned with this community. Continue the conversation all year long on your social channels, brand ethos, and customer communications, to create an inclusive and diverse community.


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