Adapting to AI Search in 2024

In 2024, the digital landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, with artificial intelligence (AI) redefining search and online advertising fundamentals. As Gartner predicts, AI is poised to handle a substantial portion of search queries, steering them away from traditional platforms like Google. This pivotal change calls for businesses to adapt their SEO and PPC strategies, ensuring they remain effective and relevant in this new era.

AI's Influence on Search Queries and the Rise of Conversational Searches

AI technologies, including advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) like Google’s Gemini Ultra and OpenAI’s anticipated ChatGPT5, are revolutionizing how search queries are processed. This shift is not just technological but behavioral, as users increasingly engage in conversational searches, seeking more human-like interactions with AI-driven search agents. Traditional search engines like Google are alarmed by this trend, yet the persistence of conventional paid advertising is expected.

The New Frontier of SEO and PPC

In this AI-centric environment, the focus of SEO and PPC must pivot. Emphasizing targeted audience reach and authoritative, SEO-ready content becomes paramount. However, the expected reduction in paid ad inventory will lead to heightened competition for visibility, driving up the cost per click (CPC) and cost per action (CPA). This scenario necessitates a shift towards performance and conversion rate optimization in paid search strategies.

Diversifying Advertising Strategies Beyond Search

With the changing dynamics of search queries, businesses are expected to explore broader advertising avenues that allow targeting specific audience demographics rather than just searchers. Connected TV, radio, podcasts, and out-of-home (OOH) advertising emerge as vital channels for brand building in an AI-dominated search landscape.

This chart from eMarketer shows that they expect combined spending on TV and CTV to grow by over $12 billion between 2023 and 2027, with all of that growth coming via Connected TV.

SEO: Focusing on Conversion and Earned Media

As AI reshapes search, SEO strategies should now focus more on converting traffic into tangible assets like leads or email signups. This shift directs attention toward the middle and bottom of the sales funnel, where conversion is key. 

Additionally, establishing a brand presence in sources that AI searches are trained on, such as Wikipedia, becomes crucial. The recently filed NYT vs OpenAI lawsuit has provided a list of those sites. The LLM (large language models) are trained on multiple datasets, with the most important (most highly weighted) called Common Crawl. These are the media outlets that your PR team should be working on getting you coverage

Earned media will play a pivotal role in 2024 in ensuring your brand is recognized and favored by AI algorithms.

The Evolving Role of Social Media

In this new era, social media strategy will transform, focusing more on reach and targeting than engagement. As one of the few channels providing top-of-funnel content, social media has become indispensable in reaching a broader audience and driving brand awareness.

This is already being reflected in the expected ad revenue growth of the social media platforms. According to Inside Intelligence analyst Peter Newman “​​“Meta is really by far the largest part of [social’s ad growth], but not only that, we’re seeing growth for Snap, Reddit, and, of course, TikTok. Everyone wants to be getting their ads there.” 

  • Meta’s ad revenue growth will be in the double digits through the end of our forecast period in 2025 when it will near the $70 billion milestone. 
  • TikTok’s ad revenues will see the most growth this year, with a 31.6% YoY increase.

Embracing the AI Shift for Future Success

As we stand at the threshold of an AI-driven search ecosystem, the challenge for businesses isn’t just about adapting to change – it’s about seizing the opportunity to excel. In this dynamic digital marketing environment, brands need more than just awareness; they require a strategic partner who can guide them through these uncharted waters. Zozimus is that partner, uniquely positioned to help brands navigate and thrive in this new landscape.

Our expertise in digital marketing, combined with a deep understanding of AI’s impact on search and advertising, makes us an ideal partner in this journey. At Zozimus, we offer tailored strategies that align with the latest advancements in AI technology. We focus on targeted audience reach, leveraging innovative tools and approaches to ensure your brand stands out in an increasingly competitive space.

Some of the tactics we are currently deploying for customers include:

  • A medical device company is piloting a marketing campaign on a contextually relevant trade journal to test its ability to drive qualified leads.
  • A non-profit is using ConnectedTV to successfully sell memberships. 
  • A financial institution is using data science to better inform its paid marketing efforts

By collaborating with Zozimus, brands can benefit from a holistic approach to digital marketing. From optimizing SEO and PPC strategies to embracing AI-driven changes to diversifying advertising channels beyond traditional search, we provide the insights and actions necessary for success. Our emphasis on conversions, earned media and effective use of social media ensures that your brand adapts to AI’s influence and capitalizes on it to achieve tangible business growth.

Zozimus is more than a digital marketing agency; we are your navigator and accelerator in an AI-centric world. With us, brands can confidently embrace the shift towards AI, unlocking new opportunities for innovation, engagement, and growth. The future of search and digital marketing is here, and with Zozimus, you are poised to lead the way.


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