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Google “Questions and Answers” for Local Business Now Available for Android

Google recently launched a new feature as part of Google Maps called “Questions & Answers” which allows users to ask relevant questions, and businesses to respond directly to those questions. These Q&A’s appear directly in the knowledge graph on branded search terms. While this feature can only be managed through Android devices (as of September 2017), our testing has shown that anybody has the ability to post a question on any mobile device. This notification feature could possibly be available for iPhones and other devices later this year or in early 2018.

What do Google Q&A’s look like?

The Q&A feature is located in the mobile knowledge graph, where the contact information of the business is. Managers will be able to edit and manage the answers from the Google My Business App. In addition, you’ll also be able to bring attention to helpful content by “giving a thumbs up” to questions and answers. Keep in mind that notifications for this feature are only available on Google Maps for Android right now, so you’ll have to have the Maps app enabled on Android if you want to respond to customers as soon as a user posts a question.

Why is the Q&A feature important?

This feature is extremely helpful for both businesses and customers, since it provides a simple way to answer questions directly from potential customers in the Google My Business listing. The Google My Business listing is similar to the Google Maps listing, the only difference is that it gives owners the ability to manage and edit the website in depth. This feature facilitates direct communication between the local business and the user, and lets businesses demonstrate their commitment to solving customers’ problems. For example, think about being vegetarian and the difficulty of choosing a restaurant that carries vegetarian options. With this new feature, users can choose the best option according to their needs, wants and preferences. Once a user asks, “Do you serve vegetarian options?”, the restaurant can respond yes or no, which can help clarify a user’s decision. On the other hand, merchants can also anticipate FAQ’s by adding commonly asked questions and their answers to their GMB before users ask the question themselves.

What is the benefit of the Q&A feature?

By taking advantage of the Q&A feature, businesses can display more information about their business directly in the search engine results which will help users make quicker decisions about their business.

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