How We Turned Pet Stores Into Must Visit Locations For Pet Owners

How did we do it? With the largest coordinated store opening launch in pet history. Our client, Independent Pet Partners (IPP), had just acquired six, well-known independent pet retailers on the East Coast and were combining them under one new brand called, Loyal Companion. They needed the help of our digital marketing team to help to drive in-store traffic and brand lift – a positive shift in customer awareness, perception, and interaction as a result of an advertising campaign. We developed a mobile campaign which geotargeted 52 stores and their surrounding communities, and delivered ads to pet owners within a 5 mile radius of each store. The initial phase of the campaign was to build up interest in Loyal Companion ahead of the stores’ grand openings with targeted ads on mobile devices. Phase two of the campaign took place after the grand opening. We began to incorporate some of the brand pillars into the messaging as well promoted a coupon that could be used in the stores. Pet owners who saw our ad were more likely to go into a Loyal Companion’s store than those that did not. The combination of hyper-targeted ads to the right audience and the geotargeting meant that we were able to increase the place visit rate (PVR) by 33%. Meaning, people who saw the ad were 33% more likely to visit a Loyal Companion store than a pet owner who had not seen the ad. The high PVR was due to the audience development and targeting. By targeting pet owners who were actively searching for a pet store, purchasers searching for dog food within a 5 mile radius of each store and people who have an interest in pets or have visited a nearby competitor’s store, we were able to drive those pet owners into Loyal Companion stores. The key performance indicators were to increase branded and non-branded searches. We saw a 1,900% increase in branded search and a 9,900% increase in non-branded search during the campaign. With unbranded searches, we focused on keywords like “pet store near me” where the buyer was looking for pet supplies in their local community. We positioned each Loyal Companions store to capture significant increases in web and foot traffic from pet owners searching online through strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We updated the Loyal Companion website based on what we understood of a pet owner’s ideal user experience and positioned all 52 stores to reach them, long after the initial launch was concluded. Why was this campaign so successful? This geotargeted campaign was so successful because the audience targeting was spot-on. We were able to reach pet owners at all three levels – actively searching for a pet store, dog food purchasers within a 10-mile radius of each store, and people who have an interest in pets or have visited a nearby competitor’s store. It also worked because were able to implement the SEO work up-front, before the launch campaign. That SEO work positioned the stores to be visible for branded and non-branded searches, in the weeks and months after the launch campaign had ended. To learn more about our geotargeting capabilities, or find out more how we can create successful campaigns for your business, please contact us. David Wilson is a marketing executive experienced in helping brands increase traffic, leads and revenue.


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