Meet the Zozimus Partners: Nick Lowe

At Zozimus, our team is a fundamental part of who we are and how we shine everyday. The foundation of our team is built on industry thought leaders, cross-functional collaborators, and people that are a whole lot of fun to work with. In this blog series, we take a deeper look at the three senior Zozimus partners and explore where they’ve been, how Zozimus came to be, and how they plan to make dreams come true into the future. Kicking off this series is Senior Partner, Nick Lowe.

From 451 Marketing to Zozimus Agency

Meet Nick Lowe, one of three senior partners at Zozimus Agency. Nick attended and graduated from UMass Amherst, Class of ‘97. After graduating with a degree in political science and international relations, Nick began his career working for Congressman Ed Markey. While kicking off his career in the political field, Nick ultimately realized that working in the government space was not his calling, and eventually joined the communications field.

Nick’s first venture in the communication space was at a digital marketing agency called Zeeo Interactive. It was during his time at Zeeo, that Nick quickly learned and mastered the field of digital marketing. Nick soon moved his way up to SVP of Client Services, and it was at Zeeo that Nick was introduced to future Zozimus partner, AJ Gerritson, who was heading up sales at the time.

The pair eventually joined their forces and started their own digital marketing agency, 451 Marketing in 2004. 451 Marketing relocated to a couple locations within Massachusetts before finally settling in downtown Boston. In 2007, Tom Lee joined the pair to head the public relations side of the company.

Since the start of 451 Marketing, the company has rebranded, now known as Zozimus Agency. Zozimus is a reference from the award-winning novel by Roald Dahl, ‘The BFG’. Zozimus is defined as the things that dreams are made of. A true embodiment of the company. When asked why for the agency rebranded, Nick said that “it was time for the company to show that they can do more than digital marketing. The previous company name ‘451 Marketing’ was a reference to the book ‘Fahrenheit 451’, as a play on words to describe the companies digital marketing was too hot for paper.” However, the company grew to heights that far exceeded just the expectations of print marketing, and pivoted to Zozimus Agency for broader reach and dynamic marketing.

The Future of Zozimus

Here at Zozimus, Nick strives for the agency to embody what clients want first. Zozimus puts forth extra effort to ensure that its clients receive not only what they want but what they envision. Helping a client in the best way possible makes Nick feel fulfilled. Nick’s goal is for Zozimus is covered from top to bottom with dedicated, passionate and hardworking employees in each department, with the collective priority being what the client needs and wants. 

In the future, Nick wants the company to continue to grow and prosper in all fields of communications, all while maintaining the company’s core values of producing the dreams of its clients and valuing all people that Zozimus encounters. 

Fun fact: Nick is an amazing cook, and can even bake his own bread from scratch!


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