New Client Spotlight: Flying Tumbler

We are thrilled to announce our latest client, Flying Tumbler. Flying Tumbler is an small batch, Irish Whiskey brand, hailing from County Carlow in Ireland.

The brand stands apart from the rest drawing playful inspiration from the Irish flying tumbler, a venturesome pigeon that can be found on the front of every bottle. This bird sets out on great voyages across the globe while maintaining a natural beacon for home. Like the Irish flying tumbler, the Walsh brothers spent years traveling abroad but always returned home for the holidays where they gathered with family and friends to share epic tales of their travels. This inspired the dynamic duo to set out on a new kind of adventure to create a unique brand inspired by their own experiences and deep-rooted heritage that could be shared with the rest of the world.

Flying Tumbler chose Zozimus to bring public awareness to their product in the Boston market through Public Relations efforts ahead of St. Patrick’s Day and beyond.

Our Partners AJ, Nick, and Tom are “so excited to have Flying Tumbler as part of the Zozimus family. Our team is excited to create awareness to this indie whiskey brand in our local market, and we think the Boston consumers will be thrilled to enjoy this new whiskey.”

Welcome to the Zozimus family, Flying Tumbler!

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