New Client Spotlight: Revolutionary Clinics

We are thrilled to announce our latest client – Revolutionary Clinics. Rev Clinics is a leading medical marijuana dispensary in the Boston area, focused on connecting their patients with their perfect product to achieve relief, energy, happiness, and other catered medical needs. Founded in 2014, Revolutionary Clinics was voted best medical dispensary in Massachusetts by the New England Cannabis Network in 2019.

Revolutionary Clinics chose Zozimus to promote their latest collab release with David Ortiz, ‘Big Papi’. This collection, called ‘Papi Cannabis’, includes three pre-rolled blunts designed and selected by David, called ‘Sweet Sluggers’. Zozimus Agency held a launch event in Cambridge to promote the new offerings and garner press coverage.

Our partners AJ, Nick and Tom are “thrilled to work with Rev Clinics, and are excited to have a client in the increasingly popular medical marijuana space. We couldn’t be more excited to help Revolutionary Clinics with their PR campaign goals and making their dreams come true.”

Welcome to the Zozimus family, Revolutionary Clinics!

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