Take Your Brand to the Next Level with Our Proven Social Media Strategy

Are you looking to improve your social media presence? Developing an effective social media strategy is essential for any business today. With the right social strategy and a comprehensive social media audit, it’s possible to build a well-rounded plan that will help you reach your goals.

This post will provide an overview of the Zozimus social media strategy process, including components we include in a strategy, such as audience and competitor analysis, platform optimization recommendations, content strategy and campaigns, social analytics, and KPIs. 

Industry and Competitive Audit

Launching any successful social media campaign begins with an in-depth look at what competitors are doing well and where potential gaps exist to gain market share. To ensure comprehensive results, we use advanced listening tools that detect customer conversations surrounding your business as well as rivals – all while pinpointing the online channels this talk is taking place on to devise our targeted platform strategy.

One of the tools we use as part of our industry and competitive audits is Share of Voice (SOV) tracking – a metric that calculates your brand’s ownership in the market relative to its competitors.  SOV monitors how much market space you own compared to other brands as well as assesses just how prominent your presence has become within conversations related to that particular sector.

Audience Analysis and Segmentation

Building on the insights gleaned from our comprehensive social listening audit,  we conduct an extensive audit to analyze your current audience and determine who else you need to be engaging with.

We then create a customized strategy for reaching untapped target audiences on the right social media channels. From there, our recommendations will help increase engagement while targeting each segment meaningfully!

Platform Analysis & Recommendations

We get to the heart of your target audience with comprehensive analyses across various social media channels. Our insights provide you with actionable advice on how best to connect with and grow a larger base of potential customers – such as optimizing platform messaging, refreshing visuals in line with brand guidelines, or adding another platform with which to reach your target audience.

  • For example, in 2021, we started recommending that our higher-ed clients  add TikTok to their social media mix. Their audience was migrating to TikTok and we felt that it offered the best opportunity to reach potential students with organic and paid content

Content Pillars

If you’re looking to build a strong connection with your target audience, consider designing content pillars that provide education and inspiration while informing them about what sets your brand apart. A typical approach is 3 – 5 focused topics that make up the core of all social media messaging on behalf of your business or product line. For example, an effective set for B2B companies could include customer success stories, industry news & trends along with insights into the latest products/solutions offered.

Trends in Social Media Landscape

Stay on the cutting edge of social media marketing with our strategy – it takes into account the ever-changing landscape and helps you take advantage of powerful trends within social media and culture. For example, every social media platform algorithm now rewards vertical videos, thanks to TikTok’s huge success. That is why vertical videos are currently a fundamental part of any current social media strategy.

To optimize social media performance, Zozimus will identify which trends are a good fit for your brand and make recommendations for the implementation of these trends across your target social channels. 

Content Roadmap

A content strategy is an essential element of any successful social media plan– it’s a roadmap for how you can use great content to increase brand recognition and reach your goals.

Content pillars form the foundation of this strategic approach, providing focus around 3-5 topics that are used as themes throughout all aspects of your campaign from podcasts and videos to blog posts and more on multiple platforms. Crafting engaging, consistent pieces while keeping these core ideas in mind will help take your messaging further!

Social Analytics & Measuring KPIs

To be successful in social media, it is essential to have KPIs that help you reach your business goals. For example, by tracking engagements and video views you can track success-building metrics – empowering you with valuable insight into how successful your strategy is performing!

A custom Zozimus social media strategy will provide the KPIs we believe are most impactful for your brand and how to measure them over time to measure success. 

Social media is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the game requires a strategic approach that takes into account the latest trends in social media. Our social media strategy gives you the tools to do just that – identify target audiences, find effective ways to reach them on social platforms, develop content pillars tailored to your message and business goals, and track progress to measure success – all while staying aligned to the core message of your brand. With our social media strategy, you can create unique content that resonates with your audience and drives growth for your business.


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At Zozimus, it’s important to us that we achieve great results, while still maintaining authenticity and thorough strategy for your brand. Our team is committed to working hard to make your dreams come true, while not taking ourselves too seriously in the process. We’re ready to dive into your next campaign together.