What’s Working: Higher Education Social Media Strategies

Our latest series “What’s Working”, is centered around our team accessing what is working best for different industries within our services. In the first installation, our social media team is highlighting what strategies and content are performing best for our Higher Education social media clients. Let’s get started.


Virtual Tours: Offering virtual tours of their campus provides prospective students with an immersive experience.

Live Q&As: Engaging with students and answering their questions in real-time via Facebook Live is effective.

Student and Alumni Stories: Highlighting successful students/alumni with photos and long form captions showcases the value of your institution and can inspire prospective students.

Campus Beauty: sharing multiple photos of campus or students at events can increase engagement with the Facebook audience.

Highlighting Faculty: Profiles of faculty members help humanize the institution and showcase its intellectual resources.

Career Services: Sharing job and internship opportunities and career tips for students infers the success of graduates.

Facebook Content Examples

2 Videos


Instagram Stories and Reels: Quick snapshots or videos of day-to-day campus life, behind-the-scenes of events, or student experiences are engaging.

UGC (User-Generated Content): Sharing content created by students fosters community spirit and authenticity.

Instagram Takeovers: Students, faculty, or alumni “takeovers” of the university Instagram account for a day showcases unique perspectives.

Contests and Giveaways: Contests, giveaways, or quizzes can help increase reach and the number of followers.

Spotlight on Clubs and Organizations: Highlighting different student clubs and organizations gives a glimpse into what campus life is like.

Polls and Quizzes: Using Instagram’s interactive features engages with the audience and helps boost the account in followers’ news feeds.

Instagram/ TikTok Content Examples

4 Videos


Concise Videos: Stick to short, punchy videos of 15 seconds to maximize views.

Trending Audio: Utilize trending audio tracks to boost reach and appear on more ‘For You’ pages.

Day in the Life: Students filming a day in their life on campus can be a great way of connecting with prospective students.

Campus Life Videos: Showcasing campus life through fun, short videos is highly effective.

Educational Content: Using students or faculty to provide educational content by breaking down complex subjects into bite-sized, easy-to-understand videos is a growing trend.

Dorm Room Tours: Students can create videos giving tours of their decorated dorm rooms or housing facilities.


News Updates: Sharing real-time updates and news about the university or industry are effective.

Student Success: Sharing academic achievements, student projects, and research works well.

Twitter Chats: Organizing topic-based chats can create conversation and engage the community.

Hashtags: Creating and promoting branded hashtags can drive engagement and increase visibility, while using trending hashtags can amplify reach.

Live-Tweeting Events: Providing real-time updates from events, conferences, or seminars can help broaden the Twitter audience.

Engaging with Followers: Retweeting, replying to comments, and interacting with followers helps build community.

David Wilson

EVP, Digital Marketing

David has more than 20 years working in digital marketing, in-house for a variety of companies and for agencies alike. David brings a passion for proven results to the Zozimus digital marketing team. When asked what he likes about his job, David says that “every day his team has metrics that they are trying to hit for clients. At midnight the scoreboard gets set back to zero and we either hit our goals or we didn’t.”


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