How To Go Viral

Going viral is something many marketers have on their professional bucket list. If you’re trying to go viral for your own brand or client, here is five points that can increase the likelihood of your social media content getting shared across the Internet:

Remember who your audience is, but also make your content relevant to a larger group

It’s possible to go viral if you’re in tune with your existing/core audience. The trick is to create content that’s authentic to your audience while making it shareable and relatable to a larger audience. – Howard Brown, Social Strategy Manager

Keep your content entertaining

The key is knowing your audience well and creating high quality content that will resonate with them. Content that is entertaining will also be seen as worth sharing. Also keep testing – you won’t know what works until you try. – Brooke Walsh, Social Strategy Intern

Hit on the emotions of your viewers

Whether joy, excitement or sadness, emotions play a huge role in what people connect with. You have to tap into this emotion to get people to share a post with their larger network, so pick an emotion that fits within your brand voice and run with it. – Meaghan Flynn, Social Strategy Lead

Give users a reason to share or tag friends, whether it’s timely or relevant to them

Timeliness is the key to going viral. Having a team ready to strike while the iron is hot, to not only join a current conversation, but do so in a visually appealing and on-brand way. – Zack Sousa, Digital Designer Don’t overthink or second guess your content! Go with what feels right and don’t be afraid to stand out. – Lisa Dedo, Social Media Strategist

Hope for the best!


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