How We Generated Millions in Revenue for a Global Medical Device Leader

When a global medical device company sought to increase revenue through increased domestic sales and expansion into international markets, they faced a complex challenge. The competitive landscape was fierce, and breaking into new territories required a strong strategic foundation that gave them a clear cut approach, while leaving room for the inevitable adjustments to be made as they went to market abroad. They turned to us, knowing our expertise in healthcare marketing and our data-first approach to strategy could accomplish this goal.

We understood that success wouldn’t come from a one-size-fits-all playbook. Instead, it demanded a tailored, multifaceted plan. Our focus on data wasn’t just about tracking metrics, but about using insights to drive both big-picture strategy and fine-tune tactical execution. The results were nothing short of transformative: we fueled dramatic revenue growth, exceeded their goals, and paved the way for their continued international expansion.

Our Approach: Tailor-Made, Data-Driven

To break into the crowded medical device landscape, we needed a plan as precise as the technology itself. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Device Sales: We focused on two distinct audience segments – hospital administrators and surgeons. Messaging targeted each group’s unique pain points and the device’s selling points.
  • Utilization Campaigns: Beyond selling devices, we drove up usage of consumables, boosting recurring revenue. These multi-market campaigns (US, UK, Germany) targeted prospective patients primarily, with surgeons as a secondary segment, boosting utilization through both patient demand and HCP recommendation. Messaging  emphasized the procedure’s revolutionary benefits and was tailored to each segment.
  • Awareness, Education… and Direct Response?: The therapy was new, so awareness and education were key. But as a performance-focused agency, we didn’t stop there. We leaned into direct response tactics usually reserved for sales, meticulously tracking actions, engagement rates, and key content interactions.

"Awareness" Gets a Measurable Makeover

We refuse to use “awareness” as a vague goal. By precisely defining our audience and key messages, then pairing those with quantifiable metrics for education. Based on key actions like contacts, provider searches, and views of key content pages, we optimized campaigns as though they were pure sales funnels. This supercharged conversion rates, reduced ad costs, and gave us granular data to make informed strategic shifts that were especially beneficial as we refined our approach for a new product in a new market.

The Payoff: From Ads to Outcomes

Our data-driven approach didn’t stop at optimizing ads. We correlated campaign deployment with hospital-level utilization data (anonymized!). This showed a strong link between our work and procedure volumes. Most importantly, check out what this did for the company’s bottom line:

  • 80%+ Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth: A testament to the power of strategic marketing.
  • U.S. Consumables Revenue More Than Doubled: Those utilization campaigns worked!
  • Expansion Beyond the U.S. & Europe: Success here is paving the way for growth into Asian markets.

The Power of Performance-Based Thinking

When you combine in-depth healthcare expertise with cutting-edge marketing analytics, you unlock a whole new level of success. Our work with this medical device company shows that whether you’re launching a device or boosting patient volume, a focus on both strategy and measurable results is the secret sauce.

Let us put this approach to work for you. Contact Zozimus today!


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