Social Media Trends for 2023, pt 2

Social media platforms are constantly changing and evolving to keep up with current user preferences/behaviors, or to introduce new software to the space. To keep up with these ever changing platform strategies, it’s essential for our team to keep up with the latest trends and content to make our clients successful. For 2023, our social media team has collaborated on the social trends we’re looking at most closely this year. Let’s get started with part two of this series.

1. YouTube Shorts

It’s become increasingly clear in recent years that video is king. Social algorithms push video content at a higher volume than static posts. Video content, specifically short video, has a higher engagement with audiences across platforms. After the rise of TikTok, we saw Instagram launch their “Reels” feature, and now the same is happening with YouTube’s “Shorts”. Abigail Stark, Social Media Manager, says “Shorts are taking off for 2023. There are 15 billion Shorts viewed daily, and Shorts make up 57% of all videos on YouTube. Experimenting with a Shorts strategy has helped accounts grow their subscriber base and bring in more viewers to long-form videos.”

2. Social Media SEO

Platforms like Instagram and Twitter have traditionally pushed hashtags as a search tool for users but that may be changing. To combat this recent change, Abigail Stark, Social Media Manager, says, “Social platforms like Instagram and TikTok rely on keyword search to provide users with the content they want to consume. Implementing SEO in your social strategy will increase the chances of your videos showing up under keywords valuable to your brand.”

3. The Rise of Storytelling

Gone are the days of generic posting and one-size-fits-all marketing. Social media users and consumers are seeking connection with their favorite brands, and turning away from brands without a strong message. The best way to connect with your followers? Creating a clear brand story and evoking your message through various campaigns. Abigail Stark, Social Media Manager, says, “Social media users are tired of watching videos copying the same trend—having a unique hook in your video or post is the best way to be noticed in a sea of content. Storytelling videos that feature a content creator will become more popular as content shifts to more authentic and away from copying other content.”

4. Measuring the ROI of Social

Historically, it has been difficult to properly measure success on social media platforms, specifically on brand awareness campaigns and day-to-day posting. With recent updates to third platform services like Sprout and Hootsuite, measuring social reach and ROI has never been easier. Abigail Stark, Social Media Manager, says “The importance of data when it comes to social media content is only becoming more popular in 2023. Using data insights can help determine the best times to post, the types of content that resonates with your audience, and what kind of messaging has the biggest impact. Brands have also started assigning an ROI to social media activities, which can help inform strategy or convince wary stakeholders of its importance.”

Our team at Zozimus is focused on keeping up with cutting edge trends on social media as they happen and predict the direction of social platform updates. We are committed to creating impactful and engaging content for our social media clients. Want to learn more about how to increase your reach on social? Connect with us today.


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