Social Media Trends for 2023

Social media platforms are constantly changing and evolving to keep up with current user preferences/behaviors, or to introduce new software to the space. To keep up with these ever changing platform strategies, it’s essential for our team to keep up with the latest trends and content to make our clients successful. For 2023, our social media team has collaborated on the social trends we’re looking at most closely this year. Let’s get started.

1. User Privacy and Security

In 2022 we saw an increase in headlines surrounding user safety and security, and there will be a big push in 2023 for platforms to move towards a properly regulated software that users can feel comfortable posting content. Social Media Specialist, Jamie Garrett, say “this will likely include increased regulations and compliance measures, as well as more tools to help users control their data. This will be an important factor for our clients and beyond to consider and implement when customizing web pages, newsletters, and call-to-actions.”

2. Personalized Content

Gone are the days of general all-audience content marketing. 2023 enters a time of custom, personalized content geared towards your bespoke audience. With updated targeted ads and consumer insights, targeting your specific customer has never been easier. For Social Media Specialist, Jamie Garrett, this means “personalized feeds, tailored ads, and other content based on users’ interests and preferences. Targeting works and a smaller funnel means more worthwhile investments.”

3. Social Commerce

Social commerce on platforms like Instagram and Facebook have increased year over year, with brands targeting their audience where they already are – on social media. For 2023, we’re predicting a continued increase in shopping directly through these platforms. Whether your consumers are shopping on the ‘shop’ page or through your post links, prepare to tailor your content and button up your links for higher conversion. Why the increase in shopping directly through these platforms? Social Media Specialist, Jamie Garrett, says, “For consumers, convenience is KING.”

4. Increased Augmented Reality

We saw it in 2022 with the launch of the ‘Metaverse’ and AI filters on TikTok, the increase of augmented and virtual reality is infiltrating all social platforms in 2023. Social Media Specialist, Jamie Garrett, says “letting users have a “tangible” approach to the brand will help build faster affinity.” While most AR and VR technologies may be out of budget for many brands at the present time, consider creating a virtual experience like ‘shop and learn’ or live videos with your brand key players that your audience can feel a part of.  

5. User Generated Content

In 2022, we saw a continued content strategy centered around influencer marketing with brands across the board. However, many brands cannot afford the budget that comes with influencer content. With 2023, we expect to see a big increase in brands utilizing user generated content. Not only is user content free for the brand to use, it also increases engagement on platforms and highlights some of your brands biggest fans. Social Media Specialist, Jamie Garrett, says, “with apps like TikTok, users are creating and sharing their own content daily. Finding a way to organically leverage content via stitches, for example, can give brands a unique approach to optimizing UGC.”

Our team at Zozimus is focused on keeping up with cutting edge trends on social media as they happen and predict the direction of social platform updates. We are committed to creating impactful and engaging content for our social media clients. Want to learn more about how to increase your reach on social? Connect with us today.


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