The Newest Emojis & What That Means for Social

Apple’s emoji keyboard has gone through a complete makeover in the most recent iOS update. The makeover includes updates on some of our most beloved emojis, gender neutral icons, mermaids, fairies and even American Sign Language icons. Additionally, the new “Animojis,” which are emojis animated by the new Face ID feature, are now available on the iPhone X. But, let’s back-track for a second. Why is this update even important to us? Source Well, from the invention of the emoticon to the modern-day emoji, the basics of written communication have completely changed in a relatively short period of time. Emojis have become very common in our day-to-day because they can express emotions and let’s be honest, are fun to use. Individuals and brands have integrated emojis into their social media interactions throughout the years. They have continuously proven to be an effective way to make meaningful connections between brands and consumers. Additionally, emojis have also aided brands to successfully establish their brand voice across social media. Let’s use Coca Cola and The Cooperative Bank as examples. Although they are completely different companies, they are both trying to attract a younger crowd with the use of food emojis. Emojis can make a brands’ voice seem more personal, which helps to establish a friendly trust. The idea is that these posts shouldn’t be too different from users’ posting about the dinner they had. It will be interesting to see how brands use the new emojis and features toward their advantage. It wouldn’t surprise us to also see making some of the Animojis their own personal mascots.


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