Three Marketing Strategies for Promoting Pet Brands

When it comes to marketing pet products, it can be difficult to stand out amongst the competition. In a highly concentrated market, every strategy to set your brand apart from others matters. Our team at Zozimus are experts in the social media, digital marketing and public relations space, and have produced impactful results for pet product clients time and again. Here are our top tips for promoting your brand to current and new consumers alike.

Social Media Management

Pet product brands tend to have a lot of ‘fans’, because well… pets are fun! Creating content that speaks to the fun aspects of your brand, while also educating your followers and consumers is an important balance. Once you’ve established your brand voice, it’s essential to lean into user-generated content from your fans. 

User-generated content has many benefits to your brand. First and foremost, it’s free. You can repost and reshare content created by your fans for free, while also engaging with your audience. It can be as simple as establishing hashtags for your followers to use in posts, or as complex as creating a contest for users to submit content and win a small prize from your brand. 

Our team worked with Wagz to establish their social media presence and create a trusted resource for pet owners. To help rebuild Wagz and regain the trust of the pet community, the Zozimus social team “developed a community management playbook that allowed Wagz to confidently handle any question that customers, or potential customers asked on social media. In addition to the playbook, we developed escalation procedures and built specific community management reports.” This social media campaign for Wagz increased engagement by 340K.

SEO Strategies

For brick and mortar locations and online shops, it’s necessary to establish an all encompassing SEO strategy behind your brand and website. If consumers don’t see you in their online results, they won’t be able to find you to shop your products!

The first thing to establish, is how are consumers searching for pet product locations and how can you position your brand to stand out amongst the other results? Our team worked closely with Independent Pet Partners to establish their SEO strategies by “understanding user search behavior, we were able to position their 200+ stores to rank highly when a buyer was looking for pet related topics in their local community.”

To amplify SEO efforts “our team used a combination of paid search tactics like search, display, Mobile Geo-Targeting and social media advertising to reach dog food purchasers and nearby brand audiences to drive visitation and lift.”

By establishing high visibility online and connecting consumers to their locations, these SEO efforts resulted in $1.6M in incremental sales for IPP.

Public Relations Campaigns

Public relations is essential when it comes to promoting new product releases, new location openings, and even just to keep the buzz alive for your pet product brand. 

The newest PR strategy in the rolodex of campaigns is influencer marketing. Our team worked with Whimzee to establish a full encompassing influencer campaign for their dog treats to new and existing consumers. We identified “several influencers, and dialed in on Wells Adams, a previous Bachelor show member and current influencer to partner with. Wells himself is a dog owner and lover, and works closely with the Nashville Humane Society. Because of his quirky/whimsical personality, Whimzees found it to be an authentic fit for their brand. Additionally, Wells’ girlfriend is famed actress Sarah Hyland, which allowed additional reach for the brand.” 

By establishing a relationship with a trusted influencer, their followers were able to trust and connect with the Whimzee brand, resulting in over 390K impressions for the campaign.

Ready to promote your pet product brand with Zozimus? Let’s get started.


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At Zozimus, it’s important to us that we achieve great results, while still maintaining authenticity and thorough strategy for your brand. Our team is committed to working hard to make your dreams come true, while not taking ourselves too seriously in the process. We’re ready to dive into your next campaign together.