The Zozimus Approach: Digital Marketing

At Zozimus, we put the “performance” in performance digital marketing by focusing on delivering the right message to the right person at the right time via the right channel. We achieve high performing campaigns through a series of digital marketing playbooks that help our clients drive traffic, leads and revenue via both online and offline channels. Here is the Zozimus Approach.

Digital Methodology

As the leading Boston Analytics Agency, we specialize in data modeling, reporting, predictive analytics, and data insights that form the core of every digital marketing campaign we execute.

Our dedicated team of data scientists and analysts utilizes advanced data modeling and statistical techniques to generate actionable insights that align with your business objectives, ensuring enhanced marketing performance.

We consolidate data from various sources to create a comprehensive view of your marketing performance across all channels. Our custom-built dashboards and reports deliver real-time performance metrics, accurate future forecasts, and valuable insights to drive your business growth.

Digital Strategy

Search Engine Marketing: A high-performing paid search marketing strategy is essential for a strong, successful, integrated marketing campaign. Over almost two decades, we have developed a four-step process for driving measurable results for clients via PPC marketing.

  • Our process begins with understanding your most valued customers
  • We collect demographic and psychographic data and media consumption habits
  • Use cutting-edge data science to build predictive models
  • Use models to hyper-target your most valuable prospects via search engine marketing


Social Media Marketing: A successful strategy stems from finding the sweet spot between your business needs and goals and what your audience is interested in. It’s not only important to know who your audience is, but to know where and how to speak to them. We recognize that every company’s social media needs are different based on product, industry, audience, cultural fit, and overall goals as a brand. Our team works alongside our clients to create great content which gets distributed and amplified to the right audience(s).


Data & Analytics: Data modeling, reporting, predictive analytics and data insights are at the epicenter of every digital marketing campaign that we run. We aggregate data from multiple sources to develop a holistic view of marketing performance across all channels. Using cutting edge data modeling and regression tools, our team of data scientists and analysts develop actionable insights that align with business objectives and improve marketing performance.


Media Planning: The Zozimus Marketing Mix Model allows us to look at how much each of your campaigns has historically impacted your sales over a given period and calculate the likely impact of future campaigns on any given channel. When the Zozimus paid media starts working with a new client, the first thing we do is pull your historical marketing data into our mix modelling platform. The Zozimus Marketing Mix Model allows us to develop platform-agnostic synergies across channels that provides the optimum ROI for our clients.

Zozimus Predict

Zozimus Predict is a precision-focused predictive model that accurately forecasts key performance indicators, revenue trends, and campaign performance dynamics across time.

Our process begins by meticulously collecting and analyzing data during the initial phase. From there, we construct precise predictive models. This cutting-edge model is laser-focused on forecasting key performance indicators (KPIs), revenue projections, and the ongoing performance of your campaigns.

Every week, we input fresh data meticulously categorized by channel, including paid search, paid display, organic search, direct mail marketing, lead generation forms, experiential/event data, email engagement, billboard metrics, networking insights, and more, into the Zozimus Predict system. This dynamic approach enables us to continuously monitor and deliver monthly trend insights through interactive dashboards and comprehensive reporting.

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At Zozimus, it’s important to us that we achieve great results, while still maintaining authenticity and thorough strategy for your brand. Our team is committed to working hard to make your dreams come true, while not taking ourselves too seriously in the process. We’re ready to dive into your next campaign together.