Three Marketing Strategies for Medical Device Companies

When it comes to marketing medical device brands, it can be difficult to stand out amongst the competition. Every strategy to set your brand apart from others matters. Our team at Zozimus are experts in the social media, digital marketing and public relations space, and have produced impactful results for medical device clients time and again. Here are our top tips for promoting your brand to current and new consumers alike.

Paid Media Campaigns

Digital marketing strategies are centered around one thing: finding your audience. The digital landscape is getting busier and more competitive by the day as more brands launch online. Setting yourself apart from other brands and positioning your brand for search are essential for success. 

When working with client Procept, our Zozimus team used a creative approach to drive high value actions through an awareness style cross-channel campaign. This approach provided the campaign the benefit of real-time, in-market mass awareness of our targets that could continually inform further ad creative and optimization. Ad engagement and conversion rates ranged from a 2-4 times the benchmark by platform and industry. We succeeded in growing the volume of highly engaged visitors by 3-6X while reducing acquisition cost by 70-85% in the same timeframe. 

Social Media Management

Traditionally, medical brands may not be perceived as the most exciting brands to follow on social media, but that doesn’t have to be the case. By setting your brand apart on social media with real stories and creating content your followers can get excited to interact with, there’s a new audience to gain with minimal investment. 

For our client NxStage, we performed a comprehensive audit of their prior social media campaigns to identify areas of opportunity and market positioning. This strategy included: customized content pillars, setting up a sophisticated analytics platform, updating the creative for social media posts, and working closely with their regulatory team to ensure their content remains within compliance. This strategy led to an almost 85% increase in impressions and over 130% increase in engagements. Video views were up 168% and their average engagement rate (per impression) across platforms was increased to almost 5%.

Digital Marketing Tactics

At Zozimus, we put the “performance” in performance digital marketing by focusing on delivering the right message to the right person at the right time via the right channel. We achieve high performing campaigns through a series of digital marketing playbooks that help our clients drive traffic, leads and revenue via both online and offline channels. 

For our client Omnipod, our team executed on  findings by first optimizing their digital spends at the bottom of the sales funnel to be more targeted toward the search queries that mattered in their audience’s newly clarified buyer journey. Our next step was to further hone upper-funnel activity, efficiently expanding highly targeted market awareness among key audience sets. We did this by geofencing endocrinologists’ offices, allowing us to anonymously identify likely potential patients and target them with action-oriented Omnipod messaging. The campaign resulted in a 20% increase in site-wide lead conversions and a whopping 30% reduction in cost per lead (CPL), providing a very strong multiple ROI. This was supported by increased awareness metrics such as a 300%+ increase in website traffic and a 17%+ increase in branded search volume.

Ready to promote your medical device brand with Zozimus? Let’s get started.


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At Zozimus, it’s important to us that we achieve great results, while still maintaining authenticity and thorough strategy for your brand. Our team is committed to working hard to make your dreams come true, while not taking ourselves too seriously in the process. We’re ready to dive into your next campaign together.